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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 14, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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you need to know abo oscars 2016? that is coming up. >> first sad news. celine dion's husband has died. he's lost his long battle with cancer. >> we talked to her recently. her hoe and is so strong. the"titanic" singer and the love who discovered her. my heart will go on and on >> he's been there for me all my life and i've been there for him all my life, and we are still together in this. and sharing that passion together iswonderful. will always go on he's such a great fighter. >> after bravely battling three bouts of cancer, r passed away this morning surrounded by his family at their home in las vegas. he'd been going through months of intense alternative
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>> he did so well that at first i said, you know, need to push the envoem a little more because he said you're getting better, like every week. and they were tough treatments and he got better. normally supposed to be i'm ready for this and it would wake you up. but it did the opposite. because you loved mow her most recent shows an emotional celine shared personal home video of rene and the three children they share. 14-year-old rene charlestwins eddie and nelson. >> peopl who know me well know my priority is my family. >> you took time off to be him. i've been with him all my life. he showed me the many times. because i'm your lady >> more on celine tomorrow. but also t death of alan brickman, the beloved star of actually."
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his last public appearance was in november. backstage at the broadway show "hamilton." his gift was perfectly making us hate him and love him. >> i enjoy telling great stories. >> a great talent. he w certainly be missed. a busy day in hollywood. it is oscar nomination day. there are some people who are very happy and a little bit of controversy stirred up again. >> who is in and who is out? here's all you need to know about oscar 2016. >> a fantastic day for you and this movie, academy award nominations. >> peoples great, especially when you work on something this long a period of ti i keep saying to people this was almost like going on a grand voyage together with a crew. >> newly nominated leo in london all smiles at a premiere. >> the factitis gotten recognized means we'll get to do
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encouraging. >> congratulations to you. you are one of the greatest guys in hollywood. >> and the actor just hours af normal. >> briancranston. >> i have to address you as bray bryan cran on the, academy award nominee. >> contractual. >> you know what? >> even when you're angry at me. oscar-nominated brian cran stron! >> cameron continue gracht congratulated larson. who's the first person you're going call whunsonce you come up for air? >> my mom, of course. it's a pretty good feeling. it's a surreal experience. i'm not even sure if it's something i dreamt about because i never thought it waspossible. >> i was asleep and my mom ran into the room. >> nominated for "b sipping champagne with "e.t."
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>> all i could hear was we're going to the oscars? what are saying? so i wasn't sure if it was good news or bad news. >> and next, the audience erupted in cheers when his name was read. sylvester stallone released statement saying he was incredibly humbled and not expecting this. who was snubbed? steve carell, will smith, director ridley scott. >> the biggest surprise at the oscars is where is the biggest movie of the year, "star wars"? >> we need a pilot! >> we have one! >> we nominated "mad max" and "the martians." why wasn't the force with star warsz wars? >> and #oscarsowhite. for the second year in a row, no people of color nominated. >> i hope this isn't discouraging for anybody. >> i'm chris rock and hosting the oscars. >> the one osc prediction you
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to skewer the all-whi oscars. >> for me a bit of a hea scratcher. "straight outta compton" didn't get a nod. >> i can't get over will smith not getting a nod. but this could finally be leo's year. coming up, we're doing a deep dive into leonardo dicaprio's long road to oscar. let's move on to troubling news. nick carter had everything going his way, a great run on "dancing with the stars," a baby on the way, he told us he was sober. well, it seems that all of that went out the window last night when backstreet boys guy was arrested after a bar brawl in key and it was all caught on tape. >> relax. [ bleep ] >> that's nicolaying on the ground outside this key west saloon with a friend. >> my name is nick carter from backstreet boys. i'm a singer. >> the whole thing caught on the body cam police officer carter was with in the midst of the chaos. >> okay. it's all right. >> carter and his friend michael
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according to the incident report and the bar gm the pair appeared intoxicated when they entered. >> they were refused service. they b extremely agitated and abusive. >> just pushing him out, he's grabbing me, i finally push him out. >> you did not go inside the bar. >> nop. right here. right here. >> the report says carter and michael then threwpunches. >> they attacked the security staff here at the bar. >> carter was seen leaving jail this afternoon. >> is that what happened? >> the truth will come >> in a courtroom video conference today while wearing a prison jump suit, carter was ordered to return in february to make plea. this turn of events is all the more shock wheng you listen to what nick told cameron last november. >> i don't want to be that person that you t on the television and they're saying, oh, we feel rea bad because, you know, he died. >> carter's battling
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but he seemed to have turned his life around. >> there was a lot of issues that i had at that time and i see it now. >> just wanted to come here. that's it. >> making this arrest all the more sad, the announcement last november that his wife, lauren, was expecting. >> she's a woman who wasn't afraid to tell meno. >> the judge set bond at $1,500 for both ordered them not to drink alcohol. >> taylor swift and calvin harrison to be going strong. they just had quite the sexy date night. take a look at these exclusive photos. >> red lipstick, backless black velvet dress, legs for days. calvin handsome but a li serious in the driver's seat after the two-hour dinner date in santa but this is the moment that had some going, omg. taylor opening her own door?
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the internet exploded wondering if he forgot his manners. we'll give him apass. after all, they were trying to make a get away. and moment definitely makes up for it all. this lucky young fall totally cracked the dinner date and even has a smiley instagram to prove it saying taylor is so nice. hnld he captioned the shot wi "awesome dinner with mom and dad." >> lucky kid, right? especially if he gets mom and dad's inheritance. i just hope that calvin and taylor walk the grammy red carpet together. but what are the odds o that? >> not a shot. the grammys are on cbs and the da valentine's day. you never know, b doubt it. coming up, only we are william shatner. captain kirk today t about "star trek's" anniversary and will he appear in the new movie? that is ahead. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin
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mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. tomorrow, our private tour
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mar$200 million. >> this is where the frontier pushes back. >> "star trek beyond" come out in july tomorrow on "e.t." i'll take you to the top secret set with captain kirk, chris pobd and rest of the enterprise crew.
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>> you know i can't say anything. it's under lock and key. >> well ma the original captain kirk can answer that question. we sat down with the one and only william shatner today to talk about "star trek's" enduring legacy. >> the new movie, will you be making an appearance? >> no. i am not -- were you on the set of the new movie? >> yes. i wish them well. j.j. abrams iswonderful. i know nothing. >> i'm frightened by how little i knew then compared to what i know now. i w that i knew a little bit of what i know now. >> weaboard, captain. >> william's close friend pass add way last february. shatner has a new book about their relationship out next month. >> how did you help leonard through some of difficult times? >> we talked a lot. we leebd each other's shoulders alot.
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>> leonard opened up in interviews about his battle with alcoholism dating back to the second or third season of "star trek." >> one day at a time, one day at a time. one day at a time. >> you found you were a source of strength for one another. >> he was a source of strength to me. i only hope that i was equal. >> another enduring legacy, the music from the tv shows and movies. the "star trek" voyage concert tour celebrates the 50th anniversary. >> i mean, 50 years is a phenomenon. it has never happened before. and in our lifetime, it will never happen again. >> the tour kicks off tomorrow in west palm beach, florida. >> on the way, "e.t.'s" oscar's pass with leo and his ex gisele and why has leo never won? >> he suffers from lacks the stud syndrome. >> and tv's new weight loss challenge. we're with a personal trainer packing on the pounds to
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>> my eyes have been opened. >> it sucks! i don't want anyone else to go there.
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welcome back, everybody. why on earth would anyone want to gain 60 pounds on is it your opinion only to have to lose it right away? that is the concept of a crazy new show where personal trainers go from fit to fat to fit again >> i'm going to be gaining 60 pounds from where i am right now so that i can better understand
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coming from. >> i called him nuts and i still believe that. but it's all the right kind of crazy. >> it breaks my heart that you're doing that to yourself. >> an intensely emotional and risky experiment. ten trainers go to the extreme in a new a & e they'll gain an excessive amount of weight to better understand and help their clients. >> four months ago j.j. was ripped. i can't stop smiling about it. >> j.j. is in the pudgy boys >> it was usually six meals a day and 1,000 calories roughly at each meal. >> i'm literally sick. we might need to get a garbage can. >> it took j.j. peterson 1 days to go from fit to fat. he stopped working out completely and gained 61 pounds putting his own health at risk. >> the blood work got a little bit scary toward the end. i was prediabetic and clinically obese. it was just not a fun place to be in. >> hey babe.
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>> it wasn't normal. it was really cool knowing he was on the other side, you know, kind of getting a taste for what it's like. >> it was another 16 weeks before he was back in fighting form. at his heaviest, ray weighed 389 pounds. now at 235, he's determine to keep the weight off and keep up the workout for j.j. getting back to those workouts is ea said than done. >> i thought in my head that i could still do these things. i could still work out at that high intensity or that high and i fell on my face. i get why people struggle now. you know, so my eyes have been opened. >> well, j.j. actually did this under the supervision of a doctor and he has recovered completely. no damage done. >> it's crazy. the whole premise. >> isn't it? and add to the fact that leo has never won an oscar. hard to believe. cameron masterson joins the
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>> i'm saying, yes, it is. come on, leo! come on. you infer know. that is the beauty of the oscars. it was 22 years ago that "e.t." first talked to leo at the oscars. he was even a favorite back over the years, he's always been so humble and gracious. tonight's big picture, we're taking you down leo's long road to oscar. >> everybody says that it's your year, you know? >> do they? >> yes. they say it's your year this year. >> the good thing about that is we have absolutely no control. >> wait a second, mr. six time oscar nominee. i think we heard you say those words before. >> that's one part of this whole, you know, making movies situation that i have absolutely no control over. >> it's beyond my control. >> it's really beyond your control. >> i love. that we were with leo for the very first oscars in 1994 with the performance in "what is eating dill bert gray." i'm nervous. at the same time, it's an honor.
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>> tommy lee jones ended up pulling off a big upset that year for "the fugitive." he was a veteran. they like that in this category. >> leo waited 11 years for the next nod, 2005, "the aviator." he was so excited. the oscars is the first time he ever walked a red carpet with his girlfriend gisele. >> i have my mom and girlfriend rooting for me. i have a good support system. >> a lot of weeks leading up to this. >> certainly. a lot of years leading up to this moment. >> i was reading "romper room" was your first. >> yes that, was my first acting roll. >> so you're a far cry from "romper room" right now. >> i hope so. >> "aviator" was written by jamie foxx. "wolf of wall street" fell to matthew mcconaughey's "dallas buyers club." forest whitaker dominated
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>> what did do you get ready for the big day? >> i got a lot of sleep. tremendous amount of sleep. so i'm actually awake and in the moment which feels good. >> did you go party last night? >> we did. but, you know, we got home early. >> what is hollywood early? i'm not sure. >> 12:00. >> that's pretty good for you, leo. very proud of you. >> thank you very much. a first. >> leo hasn't won in the past because he suffers from what experts call slap the stud syndrome. it's as if the old men in the academy say, look, kid, you got the looks, money, chicks, here's one thing you can't have. look at our biggest stars who have never won an oscar. johnny depp, brad pi cruise. you are getting the message? finally hold oscar's gold. >> you put so much energy and thought into it and to have your
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nominated, it's fantastic. i'd be lying if i said it won't be. >> so many people rooting for you, leo. we mentioned he is a six time nominee, five of those are for acting. the sixth for producing "wolf of wall street." >> by the way, his performance is amazi he crawl through mud. >> how can he not win? >> i'm always rooting for leo. in our birthdays, which start of "ncis: los angeles" speaks fluent spanish? is it l.l. cool jay or chris
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the answer is coming up next.
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>> very n mayor's wife. >> i'm just going to produce.
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